PLC SCADA institute in delhiPLC SCADA institute in delhi

PLC SCADA is very significant for the automation of the machinery that helps in the day-to-day activities of industries as well as people. For industries, it is making it much easier for workers and increasing production. This article further talks about the areas where PLC SCADA is being used widely and also we have tried to explain their functions and usage. As it is one of the trending technologies, we have also discussed the future of PLC and SCADA and its growing importance. We have also suggested the best PLC SCADA Training institute in Noida from where you can learn and look forward to your career. Here are some of the points that we are going to discuss in this article.

  • What is PLC?
  • What is SCADA?
  • Relationship between PLC and SCADA
  • Function of SCADA
  • Future of PLC and SCADA
  • Best training institute for PLC SCADA

What is PLC?

PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller; it is a piece of hardware used in machines to read sensors. Its work is to collect information from the connected sensor or input device, process the data, and give results on the pre-programmed parameters. Initially, they were developed by automobile manufacturing industries. They are used in different industries and processes for harsh environments as an automation controller.

What is SCADA?

SCADA stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. It is actually software used to control the PLC and record data even from remote areas. Due to the scalable nature of this system, they perform some powerful functions which increase the productivity and efficiency of industrial systems. This platform allows real-time data bundling which enables the management of alarms, sensors and monitoring.

Relationship between PLC and SCADA

Both PLC and SCADA have a significant relationship as both work for the same plant processing and are essential for safe and effective plant operation. Both depend on each other as PLC needs SCADA to control its function whereas SCADA relies on PLC’s data to complete. Let’s understand a little bit more with an example: suppose if they are being used in any machine and if any defects occur then PLC collects data that there is an abnormality then it transmits to the SCADA software. Now SACADA will read out and analyse whether there is a need for any adjustment or not if needed then it changes back through the PLC to facilitate the correction.

Functions of SCADA

To understand SCADA in brief we must know about its function and what and how it works. Here are the key functions of SCADA.

Data acquisition- It captures data from networked devices and sensors connected to PLC. These devices measure parameters such as temperature, pressure, speed and weight as raw data.

Control- SCADA systems are also programmed in such a way that if the sensor is transferring any abnormality like power cut in the machine, vibration, speed and many more so the control-based automated system works here and automatically deals with all kinds of abnormality.

Alarms- If any abnormal things happen within the process then SCADA systems can notify that something is wrong in the form of sound, light, graphical displays, email or phone calls.

Data communication-  For communication purposes, SCADA systems use wired or wireless technologies to transmit data between machines and operators.

Inputs and Sensors-  They are programmed to control the functions and are also responsible for measuring and controlling the parameters of the machine or device. Input handles simple binary such as on and off and complex commands also such as adjusting the flow, temperature, pressure etc.

Future of PLC and SCADA

Since it is a technique which has been used for the past around 50 years and evolving itself with time rapidly. The future of these systems will be bright as every industry is targeting to increase the number of products with very effective time and cost. These devices will be going to help a lot with more functions. Controlling more functions in machines to get rid of manpower and complexity. As of now, automation is being used in many fields like- Mcdonald’s self-order kiosk is using automation for hassle-free service. Like the same, more companies are using automation for better service and high-quality products. Self-operated vehicles are gonna take place in the future with more advanced features which will subside the number of accidents.

Best training institute for PLC SCADA?

To make a career in PLC SCADA you need proper training with supportive guidance that can be only done by professionals from the industry itself. Aptron is the best PLC SCADA institute in Noida which provides you with training directly from the industry’s professionals who guide and train you for your career path. Here you get 100% placement assistance and get a chance to get placed in top companies in India. Aptron has connections with over 200+ big companies in which you get placed post-completion of course.


When we talk about automation so many things come into our mind that how we can make things work on their own. By the way, let me tell you that this has been happening for the past 50 years and developing more day by day. Through this article, we have tried to solve much about PLC and SCADA which are being used in industries for production and efficiency. For automation purposes to make machines work on their own PLC SCADA plays an important role together as one of them is hardware which collects data from devices used as sensors and transmits data if there is any fault in the machine to another one which is software and solves the abnormality whatever was there is machine automatically. In this article, we have also shared the function and future of PLC and SCADA.

Also the best institute in Noida where you can learn and look forward to the betterment of your future. Aptron is the institute that provides you with the PLC SCADA course in Delhi from certified tutors of the industry.

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